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Students and student groups are free to engage in personal expression of political views, activity, expression and association on campus.  Campaign posters, lawn signs, and similar materials generally may not be posted on University property.  Students are permitted to post campaign posters in their residence hall room but not in windows or on outward facing doors. 

Official UNW Student Organizations and Clubs are permitted to:

UNW Student Organizations and Clubs are not permitted to:


University of Northwestern welcomes political candidates to campus for the purpose of campaigning. In accordance with Fair Campaign Practices (MN Statutes, Section 211B.20), Northwestern allows access to campus buildings and campus residences under the following rules:



  1. A candidate must seek admittance solely for the purpose of campaigning.
  2. Proper identification of the candidate is required.
  3. An appointment is made in advance with Student Life to gain access to the facility (Contact the Associate Dean of Residence Life for access to the residence halls and the Dean of Students for all other campus public areas).
  4. Any campaign workers (up to four in number) must be accompanied by the candidate at all times.
  5. In designated campus public areas, a candidate may reserve a table on which to display campaign materials. Tables are reserved through Student Life.
  6. The public areas of the campus are available to candidates and their campaign workers from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.
  7. Residence halls and apartments may be accessed after 12 p.m. and before 9 p.m. on evenings.
  8. Candidates and campaign workers may go to individual residence hall rooms/apartments in any of the university residences only during visitation hours.
  9. Northwestern reserves the right to ask candidates and/or campaign workers to leave campus for good cause.


  1. Political rallies, forums, and/or events must be sponsored by an official UNW student organization or club.
  2. For all political candidate events, final approval must be made by the Assistant Dean of Student Engagement Programs or the Dean of Students.

The University of Northwestern requires a minimum of seven days’ notice for all campaign related requests.  All requests may be made to the Dean of Students at 651-631-5205.

Last Updated: September 2020
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