Student concerns and complaints about Northwestern and the services provided are issues that Northwestern takes very seriously. We have established several situation-specific processes for students to express their concerns and complaints. We strongly encourage you to attempt resolving the situation directly with the offending person/department prior to filing a concern/complaint.

Please refer to the proper resource below for assistance:

Academic Appeals: Grade Change, Academic Integrity, etc.

Student Life

Discrimination, Harassment or Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

If you have a general student complaint/grievance that does not fit under one of the aforementioned categories, or, if you have questions about filing a complaint, you may contact the Student Life Office at 651-631-5205, via email, or via the Student Complaint Form.

Student Life staff will provide guidance on the campus process for addressing your particular issue.

If, after filing a concern or complaint through the University process, you feel that there is still a concern or complaint, you may express your concern or complaint to the appropriate state authorizer or accrediting body found here.

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