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1. Submit your PSEO NOSR Form

Link: 2021-2022 PSEO NOSR Form

All PSEO students (Online & On-campus) must complete this form each semester with signatures in Section 1 and Section 2.

Electronic signatures are still accepted. 

The Minnesota Department of Education has specific guidelines for completing the PSEO Notice of Student Registration form (NOSR). Below are some instructions on how to complete and send the NOSR form to ensure that you have provided all that is needed in order for us to clear your registration hold. Once we have processed your form (up to 1 week processing time), we will send detailed registration instructions to your UNW email account.

PSEO NOSR Instructional Video

Completing the NOSR Form

Tips for completing the form accurately:

Student IDIf you do not know your UNW ID, feel free to leave this space blank.
Student Name

Note order: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial

Date of BirthNote format: MM/DD/YYYY 
AddressMust be your residential address, not a PO Box. Your residential address is required in order to verify that you are a Minnesota resident. 
Postsecondary InstitutionUniversity of Northwestern – St. Paul or UNW
Date high school notified

Public school students only – please provide the date you gave your NOSR form to your school counselor. If you filled out an NOSR form for the fall semester, this should be the same date that you wrote on your fall form. 

Be sure to read the wording in Section 1 for important information about notifying your public school of your intent to participate in PSEO for either semester. If you have not notified your public school before May 30, 2021, and your school district has not waived the deadline, you may be responsible for the PSEO costs.

SignaturesStudent signature and email are required. All students under the age of 18 must have their parent/guardian provide their signature as well.

Public and nonpublic school students: Give this form to your school counselor or admin to complete Section 2.

Home school students: Give this form to your parent/guardian to complete Section 2.

  • Tips for home school parents/guardians:
    • For home school students, the attending school district name and number should be the school district and number that the student lives in. This is required information for home school students this year. 
    • The parent/guardian signature and information is needed at the bottom as the secondary school contact, in addition to the parent signature in Section 1.
    • If a student is home schooled but takes some classes at a high school, the student’s secondary school should still be listed as home school.

Submitting your NOSR Form

Students filling out the electronic fillable PDF copy of the PSEO NOSR form can submit their form via the following instructions:

  1. Student and Parent/Guardian download electronic copy of the 2021-2022 NOSR form and type in all fields in Section 1, including signatures, following the instructions under Completing the NOSR Form above.
    1. Note: You will need to go to the "Tools" tab toward the top of the PDF and select "Fill & Sign" in order for the typed signature to work. When you're ready to sign, click this icon at the top:  
    2. Select "Add Signature" and type out your name, then click "Apply." Your signature will now show up on the form, and you can drag it to its proper place and click inside the box.
  2. Student and Parent save it and attach it to an email to the counselor to complete Section 2.
    1. Note: If you fill it out in a browser, be sure to “Print to PDF” (downloading will erase contents).
  3. Counselor downloads the copy from the student and parent/guardian and fills in all fields in Section 2, including signatures.
  4. Counselor saves it and attaches it to an email to or sends it back to the student to be sent to

Students who have filled out a printed form should scan and e-mail the completed form to once both Section 1 and Section 2 are completed.

If you do not have a scanner, we recommend using one of the below free smartphone apps:

  • Scanner App
  • Fast Scanner
  • CamScanner
  • Genius Scan

If you are unable to scan a document, please mail it to:
University of Northwestern – St. Paul
ATTN: Dual Enrollment
3003 Snelling Ave N.
St. Paul, MN 55113

Please do not take a picture of your form and email it, but instead use one of the above sending options. The Department of Education has strict standards for image quality, and pictures often do not meet these standards.

2. Semester Information

  • Registration for Online PSEO & Early College opens on theROCK on April 16, 2021.
  • The fall semester will begin on August 25, 2021 and ends on December 16, 2021.
  • You may see all of our PSEO course offerings here.

3. Update your File

  • If you have NEW test scores or an updated transcript that we don’t have on file, you may send them to our office.

4. Additional Options

  • If you would like to take courses during the summer, courses that are not state-funded (like Bible courses), or you no longer live in Minnesota, you may participate in our Early College program, which offers college courses at a discounted price throughout your junior and senior years of high school. Contact for more information on taking courses this summer through Early College. 

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