Overview of Student's Role:

Prior to graduation, it is highly recommended that all students gain professional experiences in their field of study. Employers want to see relevant work and volunteer experiences on resumes. 

If you need an internship for your major, please follow the steps below to earn credit. If you do not need an internship for your major, there is no need to register through Handshake.  

Registering an internship in Handshake.pdf

Get Credit for an Internship/"Experience" (as referred to in Handshake)

Internship Registration Deadlines:

Spring 2023:      March 20, 2023

Summer 2023:   July 24, 2023

Fall 2022:            October 26, 2022

Note: The information below does not apply to Education and Nursing majors.

1. Understand your major requirements

  • Determine the Internship/Experience Course Code

  • Find Internship/Experience/Practicum Professor (course instructor) under internship course code on theROCK>Student Academics>Course Planning> Class Schedule Search (If you are a Biology, Biochemistry, Health Sciences, or Business major your faculty internship supervisor will be the same as your academic advisor.) 
  • Meet with the course instructor to determine requirements/expectations

2. Search for internships, apply & verify

  • Many internships/"experiences" are discovered through personal or professional relationships (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) so it is important to let them know you are looking
  • See these instructions to search for internships/"experiences" on Handshake or go directly to Handshake, Indeed, or  LinkedIn
  • Reach out to Career & Leadership Development for assistance and schedule an appointment for tips on searching for a job/internship/experience 
  • When invited for an interview, meet with the Internship/Practicum Professor (instructor assigned to the internship course) to verify experience will meet internship course requirements

 3. Secure your internship & submit your registration form via Handshake

  • Review instructions for requesting registration for your internship/"experience" in Handshake
  • Complete registration form on Handshake>Career Center>Experiences>"Request an Experience"
  • The Registrar's Office will send a confirmation email when they have registered you for your internship/experience.
  • If you have specific questions, please reach out to internships@unwsp.edu.

4. Meet job expectations

  1. Perform required tasks enthusiastically
  2. Arrive for work on time and professionally dressed
  3. Ask questions when you don’t understand assignments, instructions, or culture
  4. Complete tasks on time and communicate proactively if you are unable to meet any expectations
  5. Deliver quality work and go above and beyond 
  6. Be a team player and work well individually
  7. Stop by Career & Leadership Development and let us know how your experience is going, email photos/quotes to jmaxelson@unwsp.edu. We love to highlight student experiences on our Instagram account!
  8. Top skills employers seek:  
    1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
    2. Teamwork/Collaboration
    3. Professionalism/Work Ethic
    4. Oral/Written Communications
    5. Leadership
    6. Digital Technology
    7. Career Management
    8. Global/Multi-cultural Fluency

5. Meet course expectations

  • Complete the academic requirements set by the Internship/Practicum Professor (e.g., reflection paper, discussion forum, etc.).
  • Complete emailed Internship Evaluation from Career Development regarding your experience.


  • Add your new experience to your resume, LinkedIn, and Handshake profiles.
  • Connect with your internship employer supervisor on LinkedIn and request an endorsement of your skills.
  • Look for your next internship experience!


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