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1. Set clear expectations / requirements

  • Verify internship course code/hours/prerequisites here are correct. (Please notify if this document needs to be updated.)

  • Determine internship requirements and expectations based on the learning objectives in the internship course syllabus.
  • If a student needs help finding an internship, please refer them to Career & Leadership Development or point them to the "Internship Process / Students" link here.

2. Approve internship

  • When a student has been invited to interview for a potential internship, please review the job duties to ensure internship requirements are met. (Students will be instructed to reach out to the course instructor to verify experience will meet internship course requirements.)
  • After a student secures an internship and registers the opportunity on Handshake, the internship instructor will receive an email (from Handshake) asking for final approval.  Note *A student will not be registered for the internship without faculty approval.
  • See approval instructions.
  • After instructor approval, the Registrar will process the registration and email both faculty and student a confirmation that it is in the system. 

3. Oversight and final grading 

  • Provide academic oversight throughout the semester to ensure students achieve learning objectives.
  • Watch your email for the Internship Evaluation results from both student and employer.
  • Once a student completes the internship, you can follow up to see that all requirements and expectations have been met for final grading. 
  1. Top 8 things employers are looking for according to NACE:
  2. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  3. Teamwork/Collaboration
  4. Professionalism/Work Ethic
  5. Oral/Written Communications
  6. Leadership
  7. Digital Technology
  8. Career Management
  9. Global/Multi-cultural Fluency
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